Monday, June 30, 2008


La Cultura Gastronomica Della Costa Marchigiana
For two days we did nothing but cook some of the freshest, tastiest, and beautiful seafood of the March region with a wonderful Chef Massimo Bomprezzi. Massimo is a teacher at one of the finest schools in Italy, IPSSARCT “A . PAZINI” in Senigallia. Massimo did an excellent job organizing the class, and guiding us through production while we cooked all the delicate seafood to perfection, all in a tranquil environment.
Massimo made a couple of interesting points – We made many Brodetto’s – flavorful fish stews – but he explained that we would not use clams or mussels with the Brodettos because the fish swim freely, the clams are buried under sand, and the mussels are attached to something. They should not swim together in the broths.
He also said he does not like to use egg pastas with seafood. He prefers to use dry pasta for its flavor and texture with the fish and shell fish. We made:
Acciughe Marinate, Brodetto all Anconetana (Ancona Style), Brodetto alla Fanese (Fano Style), Brodo di Porto Recanati, Brodetto di San Benedetto, Vongole alla Poveraccia, Minestra di Pesce, Polipo con le Biete, Pesce alla Griglia, Raguse in Porchetta, Cozze Gratinate, Seppie con Fagioli, Stoccafisso all’ Anconetana, Tagliatelle con lo Stoccafisso, Zuppa Inglese, Granita all’ Arancia, Biscotti al Vino, Biscotti con le Mandorle, Cavallucci di Cingoli - Plus we made many dishes that were not on the menu like - Red Mullet Stuffed with Mussels and Wrapped with Guanciale, Baked Polombo - Shark, Mussels with Ray, Pannochie -Mantis Shrimp, Prawns, and Cozze in Brodo
When looking at the plan for all the weeks at the start of the course I was thinking that the class on seafood would be interesting, but not great. I was wrong. This turned out to be one of my favorite classes. Thanks Massimo!

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