Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Festa della Repubblica

This past weekend was a holiday weekend in Italy, the Festa della Repubblica. We decided to take advantage of the Monday holiday and visited Florence for the weekend. Florence is such a beautiful and historic city that is full of wonder, and tourists. The city is not only an international tourist destination, but also for Italians, especially on a holiday weekend. Francesca made a little friend and we all had a wonderful time.We visited the restaurant Ora D' Aria which is owned by our Chef/Instructor from Tuscany Marco Stabile. The restaurant is a small 50 seat restaurant and is rated among the best in Florence. It is a beautiful place and Marco does modern takes on classic Tuscan Cuisine. You will see more when I do my Tuscany Post

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Anonymous said...

Chef Joe:
Greetings from Alaska. Looks like you're having as great a time as we are. Keep the blog going. I will make a section for you on our website when we update it later this week. Stay in touch. Thanks.
Tom Stroozas